Quality policy


The quality policy is an important part of the quality management strategy of JÁSZ-TOOL TEAM Kft. , the execution of which ensures gaining and keeping our clients´ trust and the existence of our company. We are committed to constantly upgrade the quality of design, manufacturing and technological installation, which is a defining factor in our work. Our goal is to operate by keeping the requirements of our clients and quality, moreover by keeping the requirements of legislations and standards during our designing, manufacturing and technological installation activities.


The aim of our company:

  • To operate on a high quality in design, manufacturing and installation that is suitable for our clients and to fulfil their requirements.
  • To make our employees comply with the legislations, regulatory provisions, standards and internal rules during their work.
  • To use installation systems, materials, components and products that ensures the low level of environmental impact in our clients´ industrial plants.
  • We constantly monitor the progress of design, technical installation and quality control, moreover we monitor the potential of adapting modern technology and professional knowledge.
  • We increase the success of our company by applying the principles of quality management.
  • The core of our activity is to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and to keep as low number of complaints as possible.
  • In our work we seek to prevent any mistakes and we focus on meeting the deadlines.


Our operation principle: The satisfaction of our clients is our security.


We are aware of the fact that only a constantly developing company can comply with the ever growing requirements. Only our ability to adapt can help to keep and extend our group of clients.


In order to comply with the requirements above, the leadership of JÁSZ-TOOL TEAM Kft. constantly improves the professional knowledge and preparedness of its employees. The leadership of the company expects its employees to understand and accept the quality policy above and to work in accordance with this policy.


In order to put the quality policy into practice and to constantly improve our activities, the leadership of the company determines quality goals and ensures the execution and constant rating of these goals.


We comply with MSZ EN ISO 9001, MSZ EN ISO 14001 which guarantees the quality of our services and the improvement of said services.



Ferenc Bánki

Managing director