The Jász-Tool Team Kft. operates in the fields of tool manufacturing and metalworking since

2011 starting in Jászladány and additionally in the field of injection moulding since 2013 in Jászberény.


The company is a property of a private person 100%.


Our main areas of operation:


The manufacturing of unique tools from planning to the injection moulding of the finished component.


- Manufacturing and maintenance of tools, primarily for unique products (e.g. car industry, consumer industry etc.)

- Blanking tools and punching tools

- Precision component manufacturing

- Manufacturing, repairing and maintenance of other metal components at high quality in a short period

 of time.


Our over 15 years of experience in the fields of tool manufacturing, processing of plastics and fast

prototype making guaranteed the satisfaction of client requirements. Our main goal is ot adjust the

quality of the products and components we make to the requirements of clients, buyers and to the high

standards of the market.


2012. - Our company obtained the ISO9001 certificate.

2013. - ISO14001 has been developed.

2019. - Bisnode financial stability certificate.


We would like to emphasise that your unique orders are welcome as well and we quote a price as soon as possible. In connection with calls of proposals and the discussion of details, please contact our company.


We hope that our marketable prices contribute to your success.





Ferenc Bánki

managing director