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Plastic injection mold making

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • manufacturing

Plastic injection molding, processing

  • Manufacturing of plastic and rubber injection molded products.
  • A short-term contract manufacturing

Prototype manufacturing

  • Prototype manufacturing of plastic injection molds
  • Prototype manufacturing of various other components

Precision machine part manufacturing

  • From small machine components to larger parts.

Infrared coating preparation

  • Coating drying, paint, and other coated materials.
  • Gate Mark-Less Coating

Laser welding

  • with different materials.


CAD/CAM Design, Programming

  • with Various Software

Electrical discharge machining

  • Graphite Electrode Manufacturing

The Arrival of the Haas UMC-500SS

The Arrival of the Haas UMC-500SS: A New Level of Efficiency
We are delighted to announce that on Monday, February 5th, 2024, a new, impressive machine has arrived at our company. This machine is none other than the Haas UMC-500SS, which opens up new dimensions in manufacturing processes.
The Haas UMC-500SS is a CNC machining center that represents the pinnacle of technological advancement. This machine is not just a tool for machining workpieces; it is much more of a dream factory that allows us to elevate our productivity and quality to new levels.
Let's take a look at the main parameters and features of the Haas UMC-500SS:
Exceptional Precision and Speed: The Haas UMC-500SS boasts high precision and speed, enabling us to machine even the most intricate geometries accurately and swiftly.
Five-Axis Machining:The machine enables five-axis machining, allowing it to simultaneously machine a workpiece from multiple sides. This significantly reduces manufacturing time and enhances efficiency.
High Efficiency: The Haas UMC-500SS operates with excellent efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing manufacturing capacity utilization.
Robust Construction: The machine features a solid and robust construction, providing stability and reliability even during the most demanding tasks.
The arrival of the Haas UMC-500SS machine opens up new opportunities for our company. It allows us to manufacture our products even more accurately and quickly, enhancing our competitiveness in the market.
Overall, we are eagerly looking forward to unleashing the full potential of the Haas UMC-500SS machine and further improving our company's manufacturing processes.
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We shape your idea into form!

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