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Company presentation

The Jász-Tool Team Ltd. has been engaged in tool manufacturing and metal machining activities since the spring of 2011 in Jászladány, and supplemented with injection molding since 2013 at its site in Jászberény. 

The company is 100% privately owned by a domestic individual.

The main activities of the company include:

  • Design and manufacturing of custom injection molds, as well as execution of the entire process up to the finished plastic injection molded product.
  • - Manufacture and maintenance of tools, primarily for custom products (e.g., automotive industry, consumer industry...).
  • - Cutting and punching tools
  • - precision component manufacturing, as well as
  • - Manufacture, repair, and maintenance of other metal components with the shortest deadlines and high quality. ..

Our more than 15 years of experience in tool manufacturing, plastic processing, and rapid prototyping guarantee the comprehensive satisfaction of customer needs. Our main goal is to align the quality of the products and components we manufacture with the most demanding market requirements and the needs of our clients and customers.

  • 2012 - Our company obtained the ISO 9001 certification.
  • 2013 - ISO 14001 implementation was completed.
  • 2019 - Jász-Tool Team Ltd. was rated worthy of the Bisnode certificate.

We would like to emphasize that we welcome inquiries for custom orders and we provide quotations with the shortest possible turnaround time. For inquiries regarding quotations and to discuss details, please contact our company!

We trust that our competitive prices will contribute to your success!  

Best regards,

Bánki Ferenc

Managing Director

E-mail: jasztoolteamkft@gmail.com

Quality policy

One important element of our quality management strategy is the Quality Policy, the implementation of which provides assurance for gaining and retaining the trust of our customers, thereby ensuring the long-term sustainability of our company. We declare our commitment to continuous improvement of the quality of our design, manufacturing, and technological assembly activities, which we consider as crucial factors in our operations. Our goal is to conduct our design, manufacturing, and technological assembly activities in compliance with customer and quality requirements, as well as legal and standard requirements.


Our company's mission:

  • To provide our customers with design, manufacturing, and assembly activities that meet the required high quality standards, thus satisfying their needs and expectations.
  • During our work, we demand from our employees compliance with relevant laws, regulatory requirements, standards, and internal regulations.
  • We use assembly systems, materials, components, and products that ensure low environmental impact in the industrial plants of our corporate clients.
  • We continuously monitor the development of manufacturing and technological assembly technologies, as well as quality control tools, with the possibility of adapting modern technologies and professional knowledge.
  • By applying the principles of quality management, we increase the effectiveness of our organization.
  • We have placed ensuring customer satisfaction at the center of our activities, along with keeping complaints to the lowest possible level.
  • During our work, we strive to prevent errors and place great emphasis on meeting the agreed deadlines.


Principle of operation: Our customers' satisfaction is our safety.


We are aware that only a continuously evolving company can meet increasingly higher demands. Only our adaptability can help us retain and expand our customer base.

In order to meet the above requirements, the management of JÁSZ-TOOL TEAM Ltd. continuously improves the professional knowledge and preparedness of its employees. The company's management expects its employees to understand, accept, and perform their work in accordance with the above quality policy.

To implement the quality policy and ensure continuous improvement of our activities, the company's management sets quality objectives and ensures their implementation, as well as their regular evaluation.

We comply with the MSZ EN ISO 9001 and MSZ EN 14001 standards, ensuring the quality of our services and their continuous improvement.

Bánki Ferenc

Managing Director

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Experienced engineering team


Manufacturing of injection molds: 3-6 weeks

15+ years of experience

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Our certifications

We hold several outstanding certifications, including: - ISO 14001:2025 - ISO 9001:2015 - Creditworthy Gold

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